Air Tightness Testing

What is an air tightness test?

An air tightness test puts a metric on the infiltration and exfiltration that leads to heat loss in your home. The more heat your home is losing, the harder your
heating system is going to have to work to heat your home. The result is higher energy bills.

Do you need an air tightness test?

If you’ve completed a new build or have undergone renovations on your home, you need to perform an air tightness test.

If your home has cold draughts or can’t seem to stay warm, these could be signs of infiltration or exfiltration. Once corrected, you’ll find your home
more comfortable, sustainable and you’ll be spending less money on energy bills.

What does an air tightness test with Energy Lads look like?

An air tightness test with Energy Lads begins with a site inspection. An engineer will arrive to your property and set up a blower door. The fan in the blower door
allows the engineer to increase and decrease the pressure in the dwelling by adding or removing air. This will help us determine areas of infiltration or exfiltration.

Following the site inspection, the engineer will provide you with an air tightness report and how to correct any areas of concern.

Energy Lads offer air tightness tests throughout Ireland. Book yours today.