Home Energy Assessments (HEA)

What is a HEA?

A home energy assessment is a detailed report on the energy performance of your home. A HEA considers heat loss not only from the entire house but on a
room-by-room basis, ensuring adequate radiator and underfloor heating sizing, as well as a detailed floor plan to be used for planning out mechanical and
electrical upgrades. The HEA report itself will show you the exact saving each individual upgrade measure will deliver to you

What is included in a HEA?

  • A Building Energy Rating (BER) of your home.
  • Recommended energy upgrades to get your home to a B2 rating or better.
  • A technical assessment to ensure your home retains as much heat as possible.
  • A report delivering a step-by-step explanation of each upgrade we recommend, as well as the improvement in energy usage each upgrade will bring as an individual step in your journey.
  • An SR50 that depicts the exact heat loss of each room after upgrades have been completed, allowing the installers to ensure the radiators or underfloor heating are adequately sized.
  • A map of your home’s floor plan.
  • We can obtain quotes for you from our industry partners, giving you an estimate of the costs of the recommended energy upgrades.

When do you need a HEA?

If you’re considering multiple energy upgrades or plan to use a One Stop Shop, a HEA carried out by Energy Lads is your first step in this process.

Did you know?

The maximum amount of grants available for a detached house is €39,800 excluding solar thermal – there’s more for that, too.

Energy Lads offer HEAs throughout Ireland. Book your HEA today.